We’re a group of students called the Inventioneers who are both inventors and social entrepreneurs! We have formed a non-profit organization to help other students around the country in two main ways - by inspiring teen drivers to develop safe driving habits through our innovative ideas, and to help get kids of all ages excited about science.

When we started our research in September of 2009, We were shocked in at the rising number of crashes and fatalities caused by texting while driving. At the same time we learned that NH was implementing a texting ban in January 2010. We knew we wanted to be part of the solution. That’s when we came up with our own campaign ‘Don’t DUIT™’. The acronym DUIT™ stands for:

The New DUI –

Driving Under the Influence of Texting

We learned that DUIT™ is as dangerous as DUI – and more people are texting than drinking and driving. Studies show that 70% of teens admit to texting while driving even though they know it’s dangerous.

We designed the Don’t DUIT™ campaign to reach our goal of making everyone in NH and the nation aware of how dangerous DUIT™ is.

We met with the chairman of NH’s House Transportation Committee to share our Don’t DUIT™ campaign. He is supporting our efforts and has given out Don’t DUIT™ buttons and has shared the Don’t DUIT™ message on a regional TV show. Even NH’s Governor John Lynch has given us his support.

More About DUIT™

Our survey showed that most people thought a law wouldn’t be effective at stopping driving and texting. Police can’t be everywhere, drivers have their hands low where police can’t see what they’re doing, and people rarely admit to DUIT™. One of the researchers we’re working with at MIT agrees with our view that a big part of solving the DUIT™ problem is education. That’s where the Don’t DUIT™ campaign fits in.

One way we think the Don’t DUIT™ program could be most effective is by introducing it through the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) system through the Departments of Education and Safety. The latest figures show that there are 94,000 teens either eligible to drive, already driving or going through the GDL process in our state, NH. We’d like to target teens initially since they are more likely to text while driving because it’s a technology they have grown up with and they think they can DUIT™ safely. The statistics show that they’re wrong.

And the Survey Says:

We have shared the Don’t DUIT™ message with over 2,200 people through four large-scale public events – Open Doors Trolley Tours, NH TechFest, First Night Boston and NH’s regional FIRST Robotics Competition. At these events, hundreds of people took the survey we created a part of our public education campaign. Click the image below:

You can also find our survey online at our blog
http://www.theinventioneers.blogspot.com/ (check the right column) and our website: http://www.theinventioneers.com/.

Take the Pledge and Pass It On

Don't DUIT™

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