We’re a group of students called the Inventioneers who are both inventors and social entrepreneurs! We have formed a non-profit organization to help other students around the country in two main ways - by inspiring teen drivers to develop safe driving habits through our innovative ideas, and to help get kids of all ages excited about science.

Crazy Things Drivers Do Behind the Wheel

A better driver than some people?
We came across an article that lists some dangerous things drivers are choosing to do behind the wheel:

Changing clothes
Changing a baby's diapers!
Playing a piano keyboard
Sewing or knitting
Letting the dog "drive" (by allowing the animal to have its paws on the steering wheel)
Eating soup ("Take out")
Putting on makeup ("Touch up")
Reading a book taped to the steering wheel
Driving cross-legged
Typing on a laptop while drinking coffee ("Typing" and "Take out")
Smoking, drinking coffee, and talking on a cell phone

We can't say it enough - Don't DUIT™ (Drive Under the Influence of Texting, Tweeting, Typing, Touchscreens, Take out and Touch up).  I guess we'll have to add a few new "T's" to cover this new list.

All these dangerous choices would be eliminated with the use of our SMARTwheel™!